Tampa Fishing Charters Recent Report

Fall is right around the corner, the shorter days has the water temperature down and the bite is improving Book your Tampa Fishing Charters today .

Snook Fishing Tampa Bay:

Snook are on the move from the spawning areas and beginning to prepare for the winter. This means they are want to fatten up, and to do that they gotta eat! Sardines are on just about every flat and for snook, its whats for dinner. Chumming will get them going and a few straggles here and there will keep them interested.

Trout Fishing Tampa Bay:

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The trout that have been non existent over the last couple weeks have shown back up in good numbers and size. Fish up to 22 inches have not been uncommon. Again live sardines as chum gets them interested unless you find a school of bait the freckled ones are working on. Smaller baits around the bait schools seem to work best but if the bite slows switch to a larger bait and thy usually will pick up another fish or two.

Mackerel Fishing Tampa Bay:

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Spanish Mackerel on a Tampa Fishing Charters

Mackerel have been the go to hot bite if the inshore bite just isn’t happening or if there is too much pressure. Some of these spotted toothy critters have been pushing 30 inches and are great adversaries on light tackle. They provide consistent action, violent strikes and blistering runs.

The middle bay offers up clean water and great action, and should only improve as fall begins to set in. So book your Tampa Fishing Charters today there are some good dates still open in October!

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