Spring Break Tampa Bay:

Do yourself and a local small business owner a favor, Stay local and  hire local. A Tampa Bay Fishing Charters for a day of family fun! Break is on the horizon and like the rest of the country you are unable to travel, What can you do? if your in driving Range of Tampa Bay Why not treat your family to one of the many restaurants, hotels, theme parks, water parks or hire a fishing guide for the day.

While all are great options I can fill you in on how to choose the right guide for your “Staycation”. Tampa Bay is home to many fishing guides of all skill levels, specialties, and varying degrees of versatility. No matter what your looking to do its important to hire a full time fishing guide. Of all the guides advertising on every platform available its not real hard once you know what to look for.

Tampa Bay Fishing Guides, Website:

A true full time guide will have a nice clean easy to use website, that is linked to a google page, trip advisor and social media pages. Read reviews on all pages for all guides considered. Depth of reviews, and age of oldest review will give you true insight on how long the perspective guide has been in business. Many guides do not last more than 4 years at a part time pace. Its difficult to come into guiding full time right away, not impossible though.  Review their business and personal social media pages and simple deduction will tell you how busy they really are.

Tampa Fishing Charter, Prices:

Price is another important factor. Guides that have been around a while and guiding full time tend to have higher rates. Rates are higher for several reasons. The main reason is not having supplemental income for a full time guide means the full time guide can’t afford to run for a cheaper rate just to be out there. Stay away from booking services they are taking 30% of the hired guides rate, most guides on booking services are new guides that are seeking  the instant gratification of a cheap trip, just to run. As a full time guide I cant give up 30% of my profit just to run a trip.

Do yourself and a local small business owner a favor, Stay local and  hire local.


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