Things to do in Tampa

Things to do in Tampa

Things to do in Tampa

Tampa Fishing Charters

Looking for things to do in Tampa while in town on vacation or business try a Tampa fishing charter! Fishing in Tampa Bay offers up year round action with many varying species. Below find the time of year you are here and see what to expect!
Seasonal fishing
Floridas subtropical climate offers year round fishing opportunities, pick your adventure!

Winter things to do in Tampa Winter Fishing (Dec. –Feb.)

In the winter as the water temperatures cool the Trout bite heats up. Redfish go tails up foraging for morsels and the tasty sheepshead invade the areas reefs and canal systems. This is a great time to fish with artificial or on fly. Captain Tim is well versed in sight fishing and has a nice skiff to pole the flats and hunt for redfish or you may find yourself fishing the areas creeks and rivers in the bay boat for sheepshead, redfish , trout, snook or even juvenile tarpon.
*Suggested trip times 4 or 6 hour

Spring things to do in Tampa Spring Fishing (Mar-May)

As the waters begin to warm the flats begin to ignite with life. Snook begin to pour out of the canals, creeks and rivers in search of sardines to fatten up before the summer spawn. Redfish begin to group up and the big gator trout are eating everything that moves. Late spring brings the arrival of our pelagics, Spanish mackerel, kingfish and cobia. Most of this fishing is done from the Bay Boat, although the fish are still eating artificials really well so if you like chunking plastics it is a great time of year for it.
*Suggested trip times 6 or 8 hour

Summer things to do in Tampa Summer Fishing (June-Aug.)

The heat is on and so is the bite. This time of year sees the schools of mackerel foraging all over the bay. Bait schools everywhere are targeted nonstop by these toothy critters. They are great fun on light tackle, offering up violent strikes and drag screaming action, a real crowd pleaser. If you are a trophy fisherman the Tarpon run is in full swing. This is reserved for the bucket list guys and the more hard core fisherman. If you are looking to fill the cooler or catch 30 fish this is not for you. If long periods of silence, sharing stories and waiting for the ensuing chaos of a deadening strike followed by aching biceps a cramping back, ultimate victory, game on!* Suggested trip times 4 or 6 hour.

Fall things to do in Tampa Fall Fishing (Sept.-Nov.)

The pelagic’s are around until the first cold blow, the stragglers hang around until the next one, the snook bite heats up as the redfish begin to school Snook begin grouping up in areas near their winter haunts as the cooling water temperatures push them into feed mode once again, looking to fatten up before the lean winter months. The redfish tend to school and warily roam the flats easily spooked but some days they eat with reckless abandon.Once you tire from snook and redfish the trout action can be near amazing. *Suggested trip times 6 or 8 hour
*Suggested trip times are what the Captain is suggesting longer or shorter trips are available

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