Snookfest 2015! with Tampa Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay Fishing charters

Recent report from  Tampa Fishing Charters .The snook bite remains strong along the outer edges of the mangrove lined back country. Most of the males are congregated along the points on the down tide side. Once chummed into a frenzy it only takes a few freebies to keep the bite going. Small to medium sized sardines have been the choice of the feisty ones. The females prefer to hang off the edges and slip in for a bite here and there but mostly, there just out of reach…

As our weather patterns turn cooler the fish will begin to migrate deeper into the back waters and deep water canals. Then next couple weeks is the time to get a shot at a trophy Snook. Their guard is down as the need to fatten up is highly important in the coming winter months. Large baits like small ladyfish and a large pinfish or sardine , if presented in the strike zone , should produce a deadening thud, a taut line, bent rod as chaos ensues.

Big trout are in the mix with the snook. It’s not uncommon to catch a “gator trout” while snook fishing . Every now and again we land one that is big bellied, sloppy, slimy, yellow mouthed, shredded tail and has some random scars of lessons learned. Those are the “ gangster trout,”! This is my,without a doubt my favorite time of year!