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What to expect on a  Tampa Fishing Charters in the next month, so if its for you book your Tampa Fishing Charter now! Trout and redfish are good targets for the artificial anglers. Tossing jigs, spoons and top water plugs will entice a spotted fish or two to eat. Spoons and jigs are great search baits. these trips I usually run my 16 action craft, I stand on the perch over the motor and stealthy push the boat with a push pole. My anglers usually stand atop my yeti cooler and we have much the same view. In this situation 1 or 2 anglers max. We are not even casting until a fish is spotted. Redfish are the primary targets, but once in a while you see a snook, and once in a while they eat your bait, just ask Brad, Field testing some rods for 13 fishing

he caught a stud 39 inch snook in very cool conditions.A good pair of poloraized lneses are a must, SMITH is my only option, so if your in the market check out the Chromapop lens.

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For the anglers wanting meat, well the sheepshead have finally pushed into the bay and there seem to be some spots teaming with keeper sized sheepshead. Their met is flaky white and excellent table fair. While these fish are abundant in our waters they are a bit tricky to hook. The great Capt Mel Berman used to say “you gotta set the hook before they bite” it only takes a few bites and a couple hookups to get the feel of it. Should be some good fishing the next few weeks before spring.