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Fishing Charters Tampa Recent Report.

Tampa Fishing charters  over the last few days has coinsided with some of the coolest temperatures of the winter and the bite has remained fairly strong.


Redfish have been void of the flats in the early morning hours as the water temperatures are in the mid 50’s even a little cool for these hardy fish. They are best sought after during the warmer parts of the day with artificials. Long casts are a must in the clear water. DOA lures are great for casting and retrieving.


Sheepshed and black drum are foraging along the docks and rock piles. The odd looking crustacean eater pillages pilings and rocks for barnacles and small crabs. They are worthy adversaries and great table fare. These fish require finesse, not eye crossing immediate hook sets. The trick is to hold the rod at a slightly upward angle, wait for the fish to bend the rod tip. Enduring the pecks of these crafty fish is a tough task, but the best sheepshead anglers know that when that rod tip bends its time to bump set and reel! Keeping a tight line is necessary as these fish have bony mouths and the hooks often times do not penetrate deep.

The Rest

Trout and ladyfish have been mixed together recently. The ladyfish keep you busy in-between trout bites. Many of my clients learn rather quickly the difference of the feel in the strike and fight of lady fish vs trout. This time of year some days you just don’t know exactly what to expect day to day. It makes for fun fishing trying to figure them out and decipher their moods. This time if year I am thankful for what mother ocean provides and she always seems to provide.

nice black drum on a recent fishing charter in tampa

nice black drum on a recent fishing charter in tampa

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