Fishing Charter Booking For Spring Now!

Tampa Fishing Charters

 Call, text, or email our to book your Tampa Fishing Charter while there are days still open. The hot spring bite usually begins about the middle of March and the bite remains strong through mid May. Snook, Trout and Redfish are mainstays as they all begin feeding heavily after a winters worth of scrounging for morsels. Snook are feeding well on live baits and artificials early. Top-waters worked along a mangrove edge can be a deadly combination, for the snook.

Redfish are scattered and this makes for good fishing if you like to throw artificials. I run my 16 skiff on the days where I just have one angler, we fish with spoons and cover water, this method is great for catching redfish and can be very productive. So if deadening thuds, hard runs and throbbing head-shakes sound like your idea of a good time, give me a call. 813-714-0889.

Trout are big and once located can be primed into action with some free chum baits. These fish are large and if you’ve never caught a bog trout, its nothing like a little guy, these guys are tough! Keep the smaller ones for the table, the big girls are full of worms,

See Tampa Bay with  Tampa Bay native with a decade of charter fishing experience and fourty years of Florida fishing  under his hat. Enjoy a laid back day on the water of  fishing or just taking in the sights, sounds and the aroma of warm air spiced heavily with a salt or enjoy a manatee/ dolphin cruise.  So if you want a shot at a beautiful snook like the one Sara is holding book your fishing charter now! Keep in mind a positive attitude leads to positive results.

Fishing Charter

Sara with a nice snook with Tampa Fishing Charters

Your Adventure Awaits!