Recent weather forecasts look amazing for  Tampa Fishing Charters, fronts coming are bringing little wind and just a touch of high pressure. On yesterdays fishing charter we targeted Sheepshead. Late season convict fish were more than cooperative and we had just shy of 50 over the gunnels. These fiesty creatures are great adversaries on light tackle and their round shape and fleshy shoulders make for a great battle. We were fishing over rock piles in the middle of the bay and that’s not something we get to do a lot of in the winter because of the high winds.

Tampa Fishing Charters

Sheepshead on Tampa Bay


My crew met me at the Vinoy and we took a scenic ride out to the fishing grounds. I took about 5 minutes before the first of over 40 fish came boat-side. Using 15 lb braid with 20 lb leader a small split-shot and a #2 circle hook the crew bested fish after fish once getting the feel of it. Sheepshead are tough to hook for multiple reasons, their mouths are very bony and they nip at the bait rather than inhale it. I was once told by Capt. Mel Berman the best way to hook a sheepshead is to set the hook before they bite, that’s the truth!

Tampa Fishing Charters

Convict fish, AKA sheepshead

Dee had never once fished before in her life and she had the lions share of bites and catches. Working with a blank canvas is awesome because they have no habits good or bad and they do exactly what you tell them to do. Dee also was very observant and watched what I was doing to hook fish and mimicked it perfectly!

Tampa Fishing Charters

This bait stealer was apprehended by Dee

Now is a great time to fish, sheepshead are moving and eating, Snook are coming out of their winter haunts as the water temperatures warm and the bite is on the verge of explosion. Book your Tampa Fishing Charters now before the days are full. There are still days open in March and April for some of the finest  fishing west central Florida has to offer!


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