Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing Charters


Tampa Bay Fishing Charters have recently been productive but with a slow start. With Spring trying to install the fish are on the move and almost daily the bite is changing. Recent trips have been seeing a slow start and several moves to find hungry fish. Sheepshead remain the consistent bite with trout running a close second. Sheepshead have been hanging around rock piles in the middle of the bay, weather permitting the bite is strong with many fish in the 4 to 5 pound range. A small circle hook and enough split-shot weight to keep it in the strike zone has been the rig of choice. Although, when the bite slows I have been switching to a jig head in the 1/8th oz range re sparks a bite.

Tampa r Fishing Charters


A good bottom machine with structure scan is an absolute must have to find the fish sitting on the rocks if the water is dark. On the clear days the rocks are easily spotted with the Smith Optics sunglasses I wear. They help me spot the rocks in deep water and often times I can see where the fish are sitting and this helps me know where to anchor.

Although snook season is open the bite has not turned on yet. The water temperature is still in the 60’s most of the day and this is not conducive for a hot snook bite and just because the season is open does not mean they have to be targeted. There is plenty of time to target snook as the water warms and honestly there are much better fish for the table than snook.

Once the bait begins to show on the flats spring will be in full effect, the water will have warmed up igniting the metabolism of the big 3,  trout, redfish, and snook. They will be piled up and ravenous after the lean winter and feed readily on the sardines they have not seen since fall. There are a few dates open in March and some good tides open in April, Give me a call and book your Tampa Bay Fishing Charters