Tampa Bay Fishing charters report 3/10/16

Tampa Fishing Charters


Tampa Bay fishing Charters have recently produced great numbers of snook catches.  I have been running my charters to coincide with optimal tide movement. This past week that has meant afternoon fishing. Two things happen, as the tide reaches its peak the fish begin to grind hard, they are filling up before the top of the tide where they rest for about a half hour or so, as the tide begins flushing it brings with it the bait fish and this triggers the snook to begin to feed. The water has also spent the day warming into the magic temperate zone, 72 degrees. Pilchards, Whitebait, or sardines, whatever you like to call them, they have shown and the fish are really feeding well on them.

Tampa Fishing Charters


Look for the bite to only improve over the next few weeks. The fishing should remain consistent over the  next month. Also the trout have been biting well and I foresee a great trout fishery over the coming weeks. The big girls should begin to show and they are great adversaries on light tackle and usually more than willing to play tug of war. These big girls require finesse to get one to the boat. You cant just bully them in, you gotta fight them easy and give them a looser drag. Their mouths are extremely soft and the hooks will pull if you are not careful.


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