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Tampa Fishing charters our Whitfield says,  morning bite is pretty decent but the hot bite has been during the heat of the day, mid afternoon, mid out going tide!

tampa fishing charters


Claira did a fine job putting on a clinic, not just on the snook fishing but how to be a truly great angler and conservationist.  This kid has a knack for it, and she has a quality that the very best fisherman have, and it comes naturally. She was very observant, after about a half an hour she had figured the pattern of when and where to cast, once she landed a few nice fish, I took the rod from her mid battle and taught her about rod angels and how when and where to have the rod to better whip a big fish. She practiced on the next half dozen birthday snook! Happy birthday Claira! Look out Tampa Bay Snook!

Tampa Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing charters

Jacobs First Snook

The afternoon of the same day I had Jacob and crew, Experienced anglers teaching the next generation, they were looking for some fun and thought a dozen snook would be a great day. Jacob, like Claira that morning, burst into the snook fish scene with a 32 in toad with a little help from Chris and everyone barking orders, it’s a wonder the poor kid wasn’t confused, HA! The chaos makes for good fun and is quite funny. We nickle and dimed a few fish over the next couple hours. We got on the sweet spot with half an hour left and about a dozen fish under the belt. An hour later we were out of bait and lost count, What a great day to be on Tampa Bay!

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