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During many of my Tampa Fishing Charters I’m often asked , “how does that work?” referring to the tool I use to quickly release unwanted or under-slot fish. Recently I had one of my clients take a quick video of me showing how to use the release tool effectively. We only did one take. The idea is to use the tool to grab the hook and slide it down to where the hook bends holding the tool in one hand and the line in the other,  once there raise the hand with the tool up and drop the hand with the line down,  then in a sharp quick motion do a tight circular jab, and the fish flips off.   Unfortunately there was something on the lens creating the foggy effect but you should get the idea.

Fishing Charters Tampa

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The tool is made by Berkeley and can be purchased at many bait and tackle shops along with many of the big box type stores. They run about $10. If you would like to see a how to video on something please leave a comment in the comments section and I will try and put one together for you. There are many little tricks like this that can make your day easier and more comfortable. The use of this tool prevents the slime coat on the fish from being taken off as well as protecting your hands from scrapes, pokes and cuts. As a full time guide in Tampa this simple tool does just that for me. Before I began using one I was handling at times upwards of 50 fish a day, grabbing  them getting slime everywhere and at night I would have to coat my hands in a antibiotic cream because they would hurt all night after drying out.

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