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Fishing Charters Tampa Snook have been abundant and feeding recklessly at times. Incoming tides seem to be the best recently. Areas that have strong flow and deeper water have been ushering in schools of unsuspecting bait fry, one minute the fry is dancing and dimpling the surface.  Suddenly a shower of scattering bait fish and snook grinding hard on the now confused baits, a well placed sardine more often than not will fall victim to a ravenous snook. Most are small males although, on occasion a larger female lets her guard down, for just a moment, it pays to be patient and wait on the big boil and cast on it you feel the bait twitch warning of the ensuing chaos.

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Redfish have also been in the mix, literally. mixed in with the snook. I have been soaking a cut bait while my anglers for the day are kept busy casting at popping fish and catching one here and there. Using a #4 split shot and a 2/0 circle hook, baited with a freshly cut pinfish or sardine, I make a long cast and touch the leaves of the trees as the bait falls into the edge of the mangrove shoreline and give it to the most patient and best fisherman on the boat, the rod holder, usually when a fish slams it somebody sees it. Reports of schools of redfish are starting to make their way around the docks and local bait and tackle shops.  Once a school is spotted boat positioning is super important. Try to see which way the school is moving, stay 50 yards away and get in front of the school  to intercept them. once in position quickly cut up any baits you can and scatter them around the boat, do the same thing with the live baits. Send out 2 cut baits on hooks and 2 live baits on ready to cast, once a fish boils on a chummer cast and be ready, its fixing to get chaotic!

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