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Tampa Fishing Charters report:

Early morning actionon recent Tampa Fishing Charters has been stellar just as the sun is rising. As the bait begins waking up, the flat morphs from its once still, dark and silky looking waters to become more transparent with all these little critters swarming in a cloud of chum like a bunch of busy bees. As this daily event takes place the trout and come alive and their strikes are audible in every direction as the bait gathering begins. Recently I have been taking clients with me to experience the “waking up” of the flat. Top water plugs are deadly this time of day. The smaller ones that walk the dog, in dark colors, have been the most effective the higher pitch rattle works best around the bait schools.

Snook fishing Tampa Bay

Snook have been very cooperative recently, thanks to the shorter days dropping the water temperature just enough to get these guys to fire off. Most of the fish have been in the 22 to 26 inch range with the occasional slot fish in the mix.

Redfishing Tampa Bay

Tampa Fishing Charters

Cobia fishing Tampa Bay
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Redfish are getting pretty beat up by the droves of anglers chasing them around. Chased fish wont eat,I say that all the time probably because I’m not gonna chase them. I will spend a little time trying to get into position but if they don’t cooperate I move on. Circling a school of fish with 10 other boats is not for me.
Surprise! While trout fishing recently a solid cobia swam through and was caught on a tiny sardine. just shows you never know what can happpen or what is going to bite.

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