Snook, Redfish,Trout what’s your pleasure?

tampa fishing charters

Tampa Fishing Charters

Many anglers on recent Tampa Fishing Charters are on the hunt for the ever elusive slot snook all over Tampa Bay. They are around and in pretty decent numbers; problem is as many of you know is getting one to eat. They don’t make it too long being stupid, or making poor eating decisions. Fishing with large baits is a plus for tempting the sly adversaries. Snook are ambush predators so look around points with deep water, deep water mangrove shore lines, docks and seawalls. Current flow is a must; the moving water sweeps the baits past the strike zone, where the prestigious ones lay in wait.

On recent charters Redfish have also been cooperating all over the Bay. Mullet schools are mixed in with redfish schools. The old adage,” find the mullet find the fish” applies here, sending out live pilchards into the schools of mullet should result in a score! Cut baits like ladyfish and pinfish soaked under a mangrove overhang on a steadily moving tide is a great way to relax between battles. The fish have been on the large side, most over the 27 inch side of the slot. They have also been chewing well on drifted pinfish, the ones that are about the size of small handful.

Large trout are also making their presence known. Lots of fish in the slot but the once occasional 20 plus fish is becoming more common as we drift into fall.These fish are perfect eating size, in the 15 to 18 inch range it hasnt taken long to fill out limits once they start eating. Live sardines drifted around the bait schools is deadly.

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