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Fishing Charters Tampa Report 10/4/16

Redfishing Tampa Bay:

Fishing Charters Tampa: School is in session and that brings the circus to town town. Many anglers have gotten word over the last couple of weeks that there is a big school of overslots at Weedon island. Yes that’s right, I said it. The south end of  Weedon Island has been inundated with trophy hungry anglers and those looking to pump up their ego on social media (many are legends in their own minds). The fish usually show up in late summer and hang around a month or so.

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Tampa Bay Redfish

How its done:

Once word escapes the mouths of the local guides  the fisherman come from all over to target these fish. They troll around with their remote electric motors and sight the fish. Once located get as close as you can moving slowly and quietly. Rods are readied with baits and cast into the school of fish. Then one guy hooks up, then his buddy, then there is a triple hook up with fish ranging from 30 to 36 inches. The other anglers and fisherman in the area see it and like a wad of seagulls on a freshly swung bat of chum, they flock instantly to that location.


The Chase:

Once the excited batch of anglers reach the school and get in on the action the fish rush off.  Some will follow with electric motors and high expectations, while other fire up the gas motor and try to get ahead of them, the fish are again corralled into a circle of boats and repeatedly caught until they find and exit, then the chase begins again. The constant pressure and spooking have the fish now very nervous and they are corralled again and a few caught.

Not my style

As a full time charter captain my outlook on the fish I stalk is much different than it was a decade ago. I have learned the hard way what over fishing and over pressuring fish can do the the population and the fishery. I have a respect for the fish I target. They are worthy adversaries and the days they whip me I give them their due. Over the last 4 or 5 years I have witnessed from afar the boats on the south end of Weedon Island chasing those fish around. At first I just felt bad for the fish.

The “Hero” shots are on every social media avenue possible. At times giving the exact location with 3 or more boats in the back ground. Its like a three ring circus, people yelling and shouting out orders and blaming everyone for spooking the school except themselves. I’m guessing because they have never bumped the fish, ever. I recently had a client on the boat, as we moved south past the carnival of boats and an approaching caravan my client asked, ” What are they doing over there, catching bait?” I said no, they are working a school of redfish. ” Are we going over there?” I said no, not my style. Client replied, Good!

I fish by these simple  principals when looking for redfish

  • work alone
  • be quite
  • catch a few then move along
  • a chased fish will seldom eat.

I have written before and will again now, The craft of fishing has all but been lost. There is a lack of respect from anger to fish and angler to angler.

Fishing Charters Tampa / Swift Fish Charters  is available for all you inshore and bay fishing trips, kids are always welcome !


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