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Tampa Fishing Charters

Fall Fishing Forecast :

This time of year as I prepare for an upcoming Tampa Fishing Charters the sunrises are hypnotizing, bright reddish orange eastern sky fading into a blue and quickly fading above into a deep purple while gradually and almost unnoticed the western sky is a deep black with white twinkling stars. Parody, ha! The waves crashing over the transom while chumming for bait  offering cooler water and the atmosphere is pure and crisp behind our first front of the Fall. The day before it was nearly 90, humidity was high. Again with the Parody. This time of year the fish are on the move and feed hard in between the fronts. Some of the best fishing of the year should be upon us in the coming weeks.

Top Baits for Tampa Fishing Charters:

Harvesting sardines off the shallow flats in the early morning right now is pretty easy, as the fall wains into winter the sardines will migrate to the channel markers and eventually into the unreachble depths of the shipping channels. Once the sardines begin to dissapear the main bait choiuce becomes shrimp, but thats an article for next month.

For waters of 6 feet or less I throw a 12 ft 12 lb 3/8 mesh custom cast net. It’s light enough to throw countless times without fatigue. Once it moves to the markers and deeper spans of the bridges I switch to a 12ft  28 lb  3/4 mesh cast net. Its a beast but sinks fast to captuire the white sided baits for the day.

A good aireation systen in an oval bait well 35 gallons or better is the best way to keep them in good shape andn fresh all day. I never rely on one pump. I have one pump bringin in fresh water and one recirculating the water in the well. Both ou flows for the pumos are made to inject millions of tiny bubbles. If one pump goes out all is not lost, the bait will live fine as long as one of the pumps works.

Snook Fishing Charters Tampa:

The snook will feed hard right up until the front passes over head. Fortunately the fronts this time of year tend to come 10 to 14 days apart. This leaves plenty of time for the fish to adjust to the new conditions that have been ushered in. The swift ones tend to shut down after the the passing of a front. They are just done eating, like a switch being shut off. My theory is they feel bloated from the high pressure on their air bladders and are just really uncomfortable and not in the mood to eat much less move around. Just like when we feel bloated and lazy and good for nothing.

Tampa Fishing Charters


Tampa Fishing Charters



That said these guys will cooperate on high pressure days if the water temperatures have not taken a hard hit. Fishing deep water areas during these times seems to be more productive. The deeper dark water offers up a more stable water temperature and a more stable fish. Live sardines are the top choice if you can find them. It can be unreal on the warmest of winter days

Trout Fishing Charters Tampa:

The freckled ones are starting to show in good numbers. They are less than finicky when the water is cooler. Live sardines , shrimp and small pin-fish will all score sizable fish. Look around the grass flats with bait schools and molted or broken bottom on the higher tide stages this is when the fish are feeding. On the lower end of the tide work the deep edges of the flats. The fish push off and rest while the tide is low and the deeper water offers refuge from hungry ospreys. Chumming is key here, you have got to get them going and once they begin feeding the gnarled up baits and commotion will trigger others to come to the area. Where in short time  they too will fall victim to the sting of our hooks.

Tampa Fishing Charters

with Artificial Baits  :

Walk-The-Dog type baits are deadly early in the morning when the bait begins pouring onto the flats. It really kinda cool to witness. Most mornings I arrive on the flats to begin my day by capturing baitfish for my clients. When the bait begins coming over the bar the slick waters of early morning are tinted with an orange glow upon a silky, dark, watery canvas. The dimples begin and I see a reflective flash from a bait-fish turning sideways reviling not only its location but size.

I hear violent strikes, bubbling boils, pops and smacks. The once quiet flat is now full of life as the sun peeks over the eastern sky. A hunk of plastic or carved wood walking back and forth across the surface with deep rattle that sounds more like a click proves more often than not to be irresistible to a hungry trout, redfish or snook.

Snapper and Sheepshead:

The pan fish of the sea. This is a great time of year to catch both as they inhabit most of the same kinds of structure. Both take a little time to get the feel of how and when to set the hook. The bigger ones tend to be a little more committal when they eat.  Sheepshead look like overgrown freshwater blue gill, they have some wicked teeth and thick vertical black stripes over a deep grey body. They have a thick hide and large rib cage. The fish at the lower end of the slot offer a couple bites of meat per side. A good mess of the small fish can make a delicious meal!

Snapper have virtually the same anatomy. Large rib cage, thick rind like skin, and a set of vampire like fangs. Unlike the sheepshead the snapper are extremely feisty, they will try to bite you as the hook is removed, it hurts when they strike!

They fish are in the deep back country along deep mangrove shore lines. They love shrimp. I prefer the regulars not the mediums or selects for two reasons. One: the fish eat off the larger shrimp and before they get to the hook with the regulars they can get a hold of the hook a lot quicker. Two: the regulars are cheaper. You’ll need at least 5 dozen for 2 people. Thats how I plan it for my Tampa Fishing Charters .

Trout, Sheepshead and Snapper reciepe:

These are some of my favorite fish to toss on the grill. I clean them and leave the skin on. Once the grill is brought up to hot I back it down to medium heat. Fashioning a sheet of aluminum foil into a tray, lay the filet skin side down season with everglades seasoning, butter and no lemon. It will take around 7  minutes to cook. Once done sprinkle a little brown sugar over the meat, cover for 30 seconds and glazed trout is ready to consume!

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all different packages available from fishing in the comfort of a 22 foot bay boat with live bait or scouring the back country in a skinny running 20 skiff stalking  trout redfish and snook with artificials! Whether your a novice or a well seasoned angler Swift Fish Charters and our Can get you to the fish, instruct you on how to catch them and give you the best Tampa Fishing Charters you can imagine!