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Whats happening out there?

Spending over 250 days on the water each year you tend to have an umbilical connection to the trends of the tides, moon, fish and every other nuance that goes unnoticed by most. Sometimes that gut feeling is just something deep in your subconscious telling you “HEY” the wind, tide, air and water temps are all lined up you should be here.  I tend to follow those “Gut ” feelings. This past week I ran all my trips in the afternoon and evening. It was an epic bite for those that were willing to go in the afternoon.

Snook Fishing Charters Tampa

Fishing Charters Tampa

Snook caught on a South Tampa Fishing charters

Running late afternoon Snook Fishing Charters over the last week has seen double digit numbers of the swift ones over the gunnels. By double digits I mean 50 plus. While most were males in the 20 to 26 inch range we did stick a couple of solid females that ended in heartbreak. It happens, its fishing. The fish were feeding heavily during the periods of peak tidal flow. Timing is everything, and I was able to set up the trips to coincide with the prime feeding times. The bait of choice was smallish white bait. Chumming with a few bat fulls to get them firing off and then taper I down to just a few offerings to keep them interested and give my clients some targets. Not a good caster? don’t worry I have a knack for teaching my anglers how to be efficient and accurate when casting.

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