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Recent report from Tampa Fishing Charters

Some days on my Tampa Fishing Charters nothing can go wrong. This day started with a 9 am pick up at Hula Bay. I am one of the Captains in Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp and we were doing a one day Veterans Day camp. Usually I get the young kids and spend a lot of time working with them and teaching them, not Friday. I had fisherman. I’m guessing my oldest angler was around 12 or 13.

On the road to 100

A 4 hour charter consists of 240 minutes, It took us 20 minutes to get to our one and only destination. The first bait was deployed at 9:20 and was instantly devoured by a feisty and ravenous ladyfish. The next three baits had the same result. Quad right outta the gate! The bite continued to be non stop, after 10  minutes or and hour (not sure the pace was rapidly increasing ) I realized I had not even thrown out a chummer. These kids were self sufficient, baiting their own hooks, dehooking their pwn fish. We had been counting and were nearing the 75 mark when I said” we are gonna break 100″!

The kids became even more intense there was absolutely no none sense, conversation was only short orders barked. Cast here, the fish are over here, these kids fished more fluidly together than most any adults that have made a cast off my deck.

I meant 200

As we neared 100 a couple kids began talking about wanting to catch snook. I overheard it,  a good captain see’s and hears all and I thought about it for a few minutes. Shortly we reached 100 and I had an idea, I said “lets see how many we can catch in 10 minutes. Bam! 23 fish in 10 minutes… Talk began about eclipsing 150 and  as we neared 150 I said I bet we can pass 200. That was the last  of the snook talk. At 12:40 we began our trek back to Hula Bay . In our  200 minutes of fishing we caught and released 203 fish mostly Spanish Mackerel, but also some Blue Fish and LadyFish.

Of all the  Tampa Fishing Charters I have done in over a decade as a Charter Captain, this was by far the most fish I have handled in one 4 hour Charter. the “Incommunicado” looked like a crime scene and the kids and myself all looked like prime suspects!