Fall Fishing continues Tampa Bay

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Fall fishing continues to be in full effect.

Bait continues to be around on almost every flat in the middle bay. Chumming with tropical fish food dry will bring them to the surface and make them easy to capture in the net. Loading the well is a must if your trying to get the Snook to pop.

Snook Fishing Tampa Bay

Ravenous Snook are fattening up for the winter, if it ever gets here. They are feeding well on the incoming tides. As the tide reaches the middle stages the tide speed is at its peak, the Snook are finding the mangroves offering protection and find the chummers irresistible. Problem is its a false hope. Often I will load the rods with a bait and have the anglers wait while I chum the fish kinda heavy. Once the Snook become comfortable they will move off the edge of the mangroves just a bit The guard is down and baits are cast, fish are hooked.

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Charters


The Skinny

The negative tides associated with the full moon has the fish pushed off into the holes. Running the tunnel hull skiff this week has allowed my clients access to deeper holes. Many of these holes are surrounded by inches of water or dry land. Redfish, Trout and Snook become trapped. It can be like fishing in a barrel. Artificial baits that imitate a shrimp or a worm bounced across the bottom slowly can prove to be detrimental to the fish. Dark colors seem to be producing more right now.

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