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Tampa Bay fishing has been sporadic,  yet consistent. Fishing with a seasoned guide that knows  how to fish the weather patterns makes  for  successful fishing charters in Tampa, Fl. Our winter has been on the mild side to say the least. Bait has been around and available nearly all winter. I have only used shrimp for bait a handful of times this winter season and it really feels like fall is going to blend  into spring and skip winter all together. With that said the time is now to book your Fishing Charters in Tampa Fl !

Spring  Fishing

Early spring still sees an occasional front, usually every seven days or so. As spring begins to turn the corner towards summer the fronts become weak and  many are just pressure fronts.

Early spring fishing can be a bit bi polar. Especially after experiencing a few days in the upper 70’s and  low 80’s.  Only to get stalled out with a weak front bringing wind for a day or two. The days that are the chamber of commerce type days the bite is solid on live bait. Many days its amazing with the fish hungry and cooperating willingly. Almost as if they are after the free piercing that comes with each meal. Those are the days that many want to fish and enjoy the warm Florida sun. For those days we run the bay boat and usually do very well on Snook and Trout.

The Fronts:

This does not necessarily shut the bite off and while many other captains will  cancel trips for these conditions I tend to start juggling trips around the days I have available.  If I have a charter consisting of one or two guys many times I will try to fish them out of my skiff. Fishing the day or two after a front can be a lot of fun. For these trips I will usually meet my clients for the day at a small boat ramp just of the protected Little Manatee River. These days we navigate down the river towards Tampa Bay. Once we are in the mouth of the river a glimpse of Tampa Bay can be caught before a left turn is made as we duck deep into the back country, traversing the shallow flats.

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Joel with his first snook!

Settling down into a depression to begin our assault in the back country with artificials. The arsenal consists of various colors of spoons, shad tails and dart type baits. Often when instructing on the different techniques I will stick a fish.  This kind of fishing is more of a hunt and stalk not a chum and cast. My skiff the “Occupational Hazard” is 20 ft long, can run for a half a mile in less than 6  inches of water with 3 people aboard. She can fish 3 comfortably with artificials. Often times clients only have a one day window to fish and as long as the conditions are safe they want to go. The skiff allows access to protected waters. Even with a north wind cranking out 15 knot plus winds we can still get on the fish  in the back country.

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