Tampa Bay Fishing Charters report 4/17/17

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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

The bite has returned to normal water temps have made it back to the comfort zone of 76. Bait is on just about any flat in the bay right now, so check all the usual spots. and the fish are chewing as long as the tide is moving half way decent. So check your tide charts and gear up to fish the right tide and the potential for a hot bite is significantly higher.

Snook Fishing Tampa Bay

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Snook fishing Tampa Bay

They have been feeding the best on the outgoing tides late in the afternoon or at the end of the incoming tide in the early morning. Fortunately the fish have returned to their usual spots after the last front blew them out for 5 or 6 days.
Since the water temps dropped and the winds were relentless I was forced to target trout. Best thing I can tell you is if your not catching fish keep moving. Trying different types of bottom IE: grass and potholes, deep edges of flats, sand flats etc. Once patterned its not to hard , when the bite slows move around to a different locations with the same type of bottom or edge and repeat. Patterns ted to change every couple of days often day to day.

Redfishing Tampa Bay

Redfish are around , I prefer to fish for redfish alone or with another guide that knows how to work a school. Chased fish don’t eat. Fish with raw mouths will eventually not eat. Over pressuring an area can result in the area not producing in the future. It can be hard to not fish” your fish”, but give them a break and search out new areas, before you know it you will have a good rotation of areas that produce without wearing out any one spot.

Hula Bay

Is where I do pick ups and drop offs. There are clean well stocked restrooms available along with a ships store for any last minute items. Like sunscreen or a hat. Hula Bay Club is right next door to the marina where I store my boat.