Homosassa Scallop Charters

Scalloping in Homosassa, Fl has been pretty good. Repeat Scallop clients have scored limits nearly every time, while the first timers are getting close once they get into a groove. Once you have an “eye” for what your looking for and find the patterns of where to look the hunting turns to harvesting rather quickly. Some days they are deep in the grass or thick around the grass edges, others they are on top of the orange tumble weeds sitting in plain view. Scalloping is a local Florida tradition that has become a pastime and bucket list trip for many. It is like a underwater Easter egg hunt , scouring the flats in 4 to 6 feet looking for the shells. see more here

Homosassa Scalloping Charters

homosassa scalloping charters

Scallop charters begin around 8 am, we depart the dock and meander down the beautiful Homosassa river towards the Gulf. Once we exit the river we begin making our way to the scalloping grounds. Total travel time from the dock to the scallops is about a 30 to 40 minute ride. The scenery is reminiscent of old Florida with several cracker shacks on the rivers edge and land that has remain untouched and unaltered for eons.

Scalloping at times is easy and limits are reached quickly, when this happens we head back to the springs to cool off and rinse off in the cool fresh water. If the scalloping is tough we stick it out until around 1 and head back to the dock. Generally you can expect to be on the water from 8 to around 2. I only run one scallop trip a day so my focus and priority is on your group and making the experience the best possible for the conditions. Scalloping rate is $500 for up to 6 scallopers.

Homosassa scalloping charters

homosassa scalloping charters

Tampa Fishing Charters

Want to fish instead? I’m still running fishing charters in Tampa Bay as well. The hot bite has been Spanish mackerel, speckled trout and sharks. The snook bite has slowed with the water temperature hovering around 90 degrees.

All charters whether scalloping or fishing include all gear, licensing, bait, tackle, masks, snorkels, waters, Gatorade, cokes and diet cokes. I have an iced down cooler on board packed ready to go! Feel free to bring your own beer or alcohol, and if you have your own snorkeling gear or a favorite rod bring it as well, my 24 ft Bay Boat has plenty of room.

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Holy Mackerel!


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