Tampa Bay Fishing Charters report

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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Post Irma Report

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters after the storm have produced solid catches or trout and snook with the occasional redfish in the mix. the water is dark but the clairty is improving daily as the tides flush and the Tampa Bay settles. Bait is still around if yu know where to find it. The beauty of being a full time charter captain in Tampa Bay is that its my only job and scouting after storms is part falls under my job description.

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Snook and trout have been the top preditors as the spanish have tucked tail and ran from the change in salinity. The trout bite seems to be improving daily as does the snook bite. Both are still showing a little of the bipolarity of late summer, but a couple of moves will find some fish eating and cooperating. Many of the trout are in the 14 to 18 inch range with the occasional big trout in the mix. They are preferring live bait but will readily eat an artificial bait if it is presented right.

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Snook are devouring live pilchards when the tide is at its peak movement. While the trout bite is good at the beginning of the incoming tide. This makes for easily setting up the day by just watching the tides and playing into the weakness and strength of each species.

Tampa Bay Fishing  Charters

Forecast :

In the coming weeks we should be getting the easterly winds of october , cooler mornings and warm afternoons. This will help to bring the water temperature into the sweet spot. Look for good action with snook, redfish, trout, and spanish mackerel. Juvenile tarpon will be around as well foraging on pilchards and pinfish, all the fish will begin making moves to prepare for the upcoming winter. That means a hot bite is on the way!