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Tampa Bay on artificials or live bait

The water temps have dipped into the high 60’s. That means things are shaking up and fish are moving and feeding in preparation for the coming winter. Bait is still around and the fish will pummel a live offering if given the chance. This is the time of year with they let their guard down a bit and become more receptive to gorging themselves after a long hot summer.

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Snook fishing Tampa

Tampa Fishing Charters -Live Bait

The bite has been fantastic and once chummed into a frenzy the fish begin to loosen up and eat the ones with hooks. The unknown of  impending winter has them in the feed mode. Days of 40 to 70 fish on live bait happen often. Mostly Snook and Trout for the most part but the straggler redfish will often show up and see what all the fuss is about. This is perfect for novice anglers and kids.  If you just wanna smash some fish it’s the way to go.

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters  -artificial baits

For the more accomplished angler the trip deep into the backcountry with the skiff might be the adventure you’re looking for. As the fish make their way towards their winter haunts they begin staging up near shallow water. Often they will readily grind on soft plastics. Many of the hot baits are very easy to work and a short lesson from the Capt. will have you on the right track. On this trip you may fish a variety of baits. Topwater plugs, hard plastic suspending baits, jigs and Dart type baits. The action is at times non stop if a good pod of trout are found. Snook and redfish are also on the menu as is the occasional juvenile tarpon.

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